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Only when investing in the most effective investment areas (IT Technology, Startup, Forex), you can reliably manage investment portfolios and get optimal profit.

4 steps - and you are on the right path to success!


Use the right to become a client of the company for free, for this you just need to specify your login, e-mail and password.

Adding funds

Add funds to your account and make a deposit to the most suitable plan.


Our team invests in the most effective investment areas: Startups, Forex, IT technologies.

Withdraw funds

Get profit every day by withdrawing your funds to your wallet without fee.

Investment Plans


Diversified Holdings LTD

The versatility of the capital used and the efficiency of the decisions made brings cooperation with Diversified Holdings LTD to a new level of profitable interaction with guaranteed income and safe working conditions.

Independent business

We ourselves and independently build our own strategy and path to global success and prosperity.

Legal company

Officially registered company in the Free Economic Zone of the State of Belize (Belize City, Belize, CA). Company registration number 44865.

Affiliate program

Build your team for no-investment income thanks to the multi-level system of deposit bonuses and profits.

Diversified Affiliate Program

For those who are registered on the Diversified Holdings LTD website, we offer a three-level affiliate program: 4% -2% -1%.

You can start your affiliate career by becoming an official representative of Diversified Holdings LTD. All official representatives receive an increased referral reward in the amount of: 6% -3% -1% -1%.

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